Fanworks mission statement


Technically the starting point of the collection was to experiment with the shape and principles of a fan.
This restriction opened up an unlimited inspiration to work with any discipline.
Whether it is two- or three-dimensional, either applied in design or as autonomous works of art, and with any chosen material, be it silk or metal.

I chose this shape as the symbol of life:
Like the sun, the beams radiate from the heart, there is a core and a periphery, and like life, it changes form.

The fan has it’s origin as a tool for the element fire, either to ‘fan’ the fire, or oneself.
So it also represents a control of fire, making it workable.

And last but not least, the fan symbolizes for me ultimate feminity. Its elegance features a highly refined sensitivity, delicate as the wings of a butterfly. Manifesting an undefined magic.

My greatest wish is to open the hearts of people through my work.
Therefore the useful fans are portable, private pieces of art, meant te be a token for the owner’s happy and healthy life.


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