My husband died in 1997, my son was 9 months old. Nine months later my son became chronically ill. From than on I could not develop according to established trails nor could I make a demonstrable career anymore. Fortunately, creativity is unlimited: as a designer you create from opportunities and not from limitations.

With my background as a designer, my experience with the conception and realization of an idea and my experience as a mother. I created a new project; a lifestyle to empower the new generation.

Curriculum vitae / Education:

During the first year of my son’s life I developed the Endless flexible screen. During his upbringing I followed different training:

The Option method training

Steven Wertz’s play program

3 different Gordon training

Rock and water training

Aleta Solter seminar

‘Puberty’ van E.L. ten Brink

Breaking the viscious cycle van Elaine Gottschall; scdiet

StiBCO: Oriëntatiecursus Mediërend leren

Module 1 Mediërend leren

Januari 2010 commission OKC, gemeente Amsterdam.

Start off Generosa:

Project for homework: HSWRK!

Website/Affiches/Context /concept Generosa


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