During the making of my collection ‘fish’ I was living in between Amsterdam and Paris.

To earn my living I had different jobs in the film- and advertising world;

Attending the following festivals I represented the commercial french distributer Reynold Films, Paris, as purchase consultant for documentary films: Cannes: Mipcom / Lussas: Etats Generaux / Utrecht: Nederlandse filmdagen / Amsterdam: Documentary festival

Paris /Jean-Henri Meunier, pre-production and research for his documentry about Jimmy Rosenberg. A, then, fourteen year old virtuous guitarist. Son of a, in Holland situated, famous gipsy family. Plus the distribution of his documentary about the famous jazz critic Maurice Culaz.

Amsterdam / Herbert Curiël, research in Paris for a Dutch/French co-production concerning the musical and dans section of a feature film. / Salomon Engelsman: Promotion video for the Drum Jazz Festival, production-assistant / Vincent Soekra: Promotion video for EZW, Energy service, Zaandam, production-assistant. / Hans Bosscher: DOX; a documentary film quarterly, organisation of the distribution and advertising.


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